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New Treatment

Distant Healing 

 As a reiki master, I can send reiki across a room, across town, or even in other parts of the country or world. Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole.

The scientific term for distant healing is called "distant healing intention” (DHI). DHI may be defined as a compassionate mental act directed toward the health and wellbeing of a distant person. A common feature shared among DHI techniques (such as reiki) is the assumption that distance between the healer and recipient is not a limiting factor. A persons energy system can be access remotely through the quantum field. Once the practitioner and recipient connect in the quantum field via intention, energy is instantly transmitted to the recipient. The real question still remains, does distant healing work? The answer is, yes! Distance healing works equally as well as an in person healing session!

The Process: 

All distant healing sessions will be conducted over zoom. Customers have the option of booking a session directly from the website . There will be a 10 to 15 minute consultation before your session to get a understanding of your situation.  Once your consultation is over, put the phone or laptop  down, get comfy and I'll do the rest!   

Cellular Regeneration Therapy

New healing therapy exclusively available at Shekinah Reiki. Cellular Regeneration Therapy focuses on energetically regenerating three aspects of the cell; telomeres, mitochondria, and stem cells. CRT emits an energetic transmission that stimulates cellular regeneration and reproduction within each cell. CRT provides a synthesis of energetic transmissions formulated to strengthen and length telomeres, increases energy within the cells by increasing mitochondria, and energetically stimulates the stem cells to replace damaged cells within the body.  In addition, CRT  helps to release attachments to phychologicl fears. Mental and emotional fears negatively affect the cells ability to function properly. Fear causes energetic disruptions that block cellular communication causing aspects of the cells to remain dormant or inactive. Fear has the ability to severely damage cells and is the number one energetic cause of cellular aging. CRT increases energy levels within the cells and body, assist DNA in accessing its original blueprint and creates energetic "youthing" within the cells.  This modality was inspired by the Stargate "Youthing" meditations.



*slows down the aging process

*encourages cellular self-renewal

*energetically realigns and rejuvenates cells and organs 

*increases physical health and vitality

*encourages rapid healing after injury or surgery

*assist in releasing fears and attachments to fears 

*helps to reprogram old mental and emotional patterns within the body

*increases intuition and extrasensory perception  

*releases mental and emotional baggage with the cells

*improves mental clarity 

*assists in processing mental and emotional trauma on a cellular level

*helps the body to naturally lengthen and strengthen telomeres

*helps to increase mitochondria within each cell and energizes the body


Sacred Flame Transformation

 Sacred Flame Transformation is a technique that calls on the healing energy of the Kabbalah's  Holy Shekinah. It's specifically designed to heal the heart. The Holy Shekinah is the feminine indwelling of the Holy Spirit; She is the sacred feminine, the Holy Dove, the Burning Bush.The wisdom of Solomon spoke of the Shekinah. Solomon revealed that the "Shekinah is the Supreme Spirit devoted to the good of all people. The true beginning of a spiritual life is the desire to know the Shekinah."  When called, the healing energy of the Shekinah passes through what's called the "Path of the Arrow'" in the Kabbalah's Tree of Life. The energy flows from the Crown of Keter to the Queendom of Malkuth. This healing process can bring spiritual enlightenment and transformation to the recipient. Furthermore, it's a process that assists in healing the heart of trauma, loss, and heartbreak. The Holy Shekinah will aid in opening the heart to Divine love and healing. 


My studies with my late teacher, Randy David Jeffers of the Sword and Rose, helped me to develop this incredibly powerful healing process before he passed. I am highly honored to be able to provide this service to the world. 


                                                      The Process: 

The process takes three or more sessions, depending on the client. I start by creating a sacred space before the client arrives.  Each client will lay down on a massage table for the treatment. I will light candles, incense, and play soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere. The client will be fully clothed during the treatment. 


Once the client is comfortable I will say a prayer to the Holy Shekinah and ask for the healing process to start. I recommend 90 minutes or 120 minutes for each session. Please note that this process can be very powerful. There will be a point during one of the sessions when the client's heart will become "Open." This is a game changer! Once the heart is open, the ability to connect with the Divine will be limitless.  

         Traditional Reiki 

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "universal life energy" channeled through the practitioner to the recipient.It provides a deep and powerful healing on all levels -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically -- that transcends intellectual understanding. Reiki has been easily described as a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is also known as hands-on-healing that Christ was known to give as well as many other spiritual healers throughout our known history. It was brought forward in our modern time (the late 1920s) as a traditionally formalized method by Dr. Mikao Usui, who is labeled as Reiki's founder. 


Reiki is a gentle, natural form of spiritual healing that easily works hand-in-hand with medical and therapeutic techniques, often enhancing greater comfort from pain relief and speeding recovery processes. Reiki is known to help with virtually every known medical, mental, emotional, and spiritual modality, and is one of the best preventative health practices available. Reiki is also 100% safe spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


How Reiki Works:

Reiki is 100% safe for recipients.The Reiki energy empowers the body to heal itself, it propels personal growth, reduces aches and pains, stress and headaches. The Reiki practitioner places their hands gently on or above the body. This begins the Reiki energy flow. Often Reiki recipients describe feelings as hot, cold, vibration, pressure, heaviness, and butterflies. There are instances when the Reiki recipient feels nothing at all but that does not mean the Reiki is not flowing. Most receivers of Reiki fall into a deep and peaceful state of natural relaxation, while others fall into a light peaceful sleep. When performing kundalini/Shamanic/Egyptian reiki some clients experience visions or astral projection.


Reiki is a healing energy, it flows into the body along pathways called meridians and energy centers called chakras and it unblocks areas of built-up emotional energy. Some call reiki energy "ki" or "Qui". Removing the blockages within the meridians and chakras allows the life-force to begin to flow naturally, thus eliminating aches and pains, nourishing vital organs, and allowing the body systems to regulate properly.


A typical Reiki healing session can last from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Traditional Reiki session will involve a range of hand positions that have become commonly accepted and used by modern Reiki traditions. While these traditional hand positions usually follow an order, intuitive variations will occur based on the inner guidance of the practitioner.



I have each client lay down on a massage table for the treatment. I normally light candles, incense, and play soothing music to create a relaxing atmosphere. The client will be fully clothed during the treatment.


Each session begins with a client check-in. I have a brief consultation with my client. This check-in process provides valuable information hat enables me to formulate the Reiki sessions intention. Every session starts with a pray for gratitude and healing. I call upon my spirit guides and the guides of the client. Depending on the type of healing, I also call on Ascended Masters such as Buddha or Jesus, Archangels, and Divine beings.


                   Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Reiki draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic journeying and channeling living energy to create a healing technique that's powerful and effective. Treatment involves the extraction of negative energy and chakra healing techniques. The most integral part of Shamanic Reiki is soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. 

Another unique aspect of Shamanic Reiki healing is that often, ancient spirit and animal guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy to a patient. The practitioner or the patient may be in direct communication with these guides, who can greatly assist with the patient's healing.


                                                 How it works:

I consult with each client to see which shamanic method suits their specific need. Once a method is chosen, healing is administered with regard to the time frame chosen.  I call upon my spirit guides to work with the spirit guides of the client. In some instances, I also use my guide to help retrieve the power animal or spirit guide of my client. I use crystals, smudging, and crystal elixirs if my intuition calls for it. I always check in with each client to make sure she/he is as comfortable as possible.


                Ancient Egyptian Healing

Ancient Egyptian Reiki is one of the most powerful and unique forms of Reiki spiritual healing that is available to patients today. Ancient Egyptian Reiki utilizes a variety of unique techniques that stand out from traditional Reiki healing and have proven to be extremely beneficial to patients.

The difference between Egyptian reiki and traditional reiki pertains to the different energies used for healing. Reiki is the universal life force while  Ancient Egyptian reiki draws healing energy from the five elements namely air, earth, fire, ether (spirit) and water. It is designed to heal more deeply bringing greater balance on all levels be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. Egyptian Reiki is similar the Japanese version commonly being practiced today it includes negative energy drain that helps remove symptoms of depression or deep-seated pain and balancing the chakras. 


How it works:

Egyptian reiki is deep healing. I recommend scheduling at least 90 mins for the first session. Each client will lay down on my reiki table. I'll light candles and say a brief prayer to Mother Earth and the Elements. I'll also call upon my spirit guide, my client's spirit guide and use my intuition to call upon the correct Divine Being to assist with healing.  I work collectively with the beings I call on to deliver the most powerful form of healing possible. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.


                       Crystal Reiki

Crystal healing has been utilized throughout history. Crystals were used during the time of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Rome and  Native American Tribes to name a few. In modern society, we use crystals in radios, TV,  most of our phones and computers; as well as, healing.


Crystals used during reiki healing will assist with healing and energy balancing. They assist in expediting the healing process. I have a great appreciation for crystals and their healing power. I've hand selected, cleared, charged, program and dedicate all of my healing crystals. Once the crystals are charged their capacity to heal is amplified. The crystals and stones move the receiver's vibration into alignment with the planet and the universal grid. This results in a freeing of life force energy in the chakras and aura, a healing of the Body of Light, and a transformation of negative or dis-ease into health. They become very powerful tools that clear and heal blockages and negativity within our subtle bodies( chakras). I use a method called Laying-on-of-stones to administer crystal healing.


                                                  LAYING ON OF STONES: How it works

Is a technique of using crystals and gemstones on the receiver's body. The purpose of a laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to promote well-being. I place specially selected stones or crystals on each of the 7 main chakra centers as well as the chakra centers above and below. It's my job to be comforting  supportive and non-judgmental, giving my client the safety to release these emotions and talk(if they want to). This is part of the healing process.


If the stone feels uncomfortable during the session I will move it. A stone that feels good when first placed on the body can change when its energy has been absorbed. I work closely with my clients in the manner to make sure they are comfortable.  The process takes between 1-2 hours.


                                                Intuitive Advice

I provide tarot card reading for clients. I perform readings in person or over phone/email. You can request a reading before or after a healing session as well. 



                Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is no different than normal Reiki. Healing is administered by light touch in order to transfer energy to the animal. The animals can also receive healing while my hands are hovering above or around its body. Animal reiki is a great compliment to use in conjunction with veterinary care. I have two cats. They seem to really enjoy it.


                                                 How it works:

I usually perform the session where the animal is most comfortable. I use traditional hand techniques where I place my hand on or above your pet. The time it takes to treat each animal depends on the size and condition of the animal. Usually, 30 mins per session will suffice. Multiple treatments may be necessary depending on the condition of your pet. 


 Pricing: Please contact me directly


                     Reiki Classes  

* Reiki First Degree: The class is an 8-hour introduction into reiki that focuses on physical healing and self -healing. Before we can heal others we must first learn how to heal ourselves. Reiki's first degree or Shoden level provides a framework of idea's and techniques for utilizing reiki for our animals, friends, food, plants, and our bodies. The class provides a first-degree attunement, certificate, and handouts.  Students will experience the flow of reiki for the first time!  First-degree students will learn:


- The history of reiki

- What is reiki 

- Energy, chakras, Auras


-Ethics and Permission

-Hand Positions

-How to give reiki to yourself and others

-Reiki Meditation

-Hands-on practice with other students



* Reiki Second Degree:(Prerequisite of Level I Certification required) The second-degree class is a 2-day course that focuses on healing at the mental/emotional level and increases the channeling power of reiki. Students learn three out of the five sacred symbols. These beautiful symbols are specific tools used for specific reasons within reiki. This level teaches students how to send reiki long distance, how to connect with reiki spiritual guides and increasing intuitive abilities.  Reiki level two heals past lives, assist with addiction and clears negative thinking patterns. The class includes level two attunement, certificate, and handouts. Second-degree students will learn:


-Review of level one

- Learn the meaning and use of three sacred symbols 

-Learn distant healing

-Increase intuition

-Reiki level two meditation

-Healing on an emotional and mental level

-Hands-on practice with other students



* Reiki Third Degree/Mater Level: (Prerequisite of Level II Certification required) The third-degree class is a 2-day course that focuses on healing at the Spiritual level, as well as teaching reiki to others. This is healing at its deepest level. Students will learn how to turn the work over to our Higher Power/Reiki Guides. All of the sacred symbols are learned and the student will be able to give reiki attunements to others. This is the level where the student becomes a master. The class includes level three attunement, certificate, and handouts. Third Degree students will learn:


-Review of level two

-All 5 sacred symbols

- How to heal on a spiritual level 

-How to teach reiki to others

-Opening a private practice

-Reiki level three meditations

-Teaching attunements to others




 “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has  forgotten the gift.”

                -Albert Einstein





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