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About Me

Arianne Simone is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Higher-Mind Medium, and Master Healer. Arianne has professionally practiced Reiki/energy work since 2012. She performs spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical energy healing. She studied with Randy David a widely respected medium, musician, spiritual guide, and healer. Randy was the proprietor of The Sword & Rose, a world renowned mystical shop in San Francisco. Arianne was Randy's student for seven years. Her studies provided a profound understanding of how to reconnect with her higher-mind mediumship, spirit guides, and divine consciousness. Arianne utilizes her mystical studies to provide the best healing service possible.  She has developed her own intuitive variations of energy healing and incorporates different forms of energy work; such as traditional Reiki, Ancient Egyptian healing, and Shamanic healing in her practice. Every healing modality she practices is 100% safe. All healing techniques are self-administered before they are used on clients. Arianne finds it essential to do self-healing treatments on a daily basis. This facilitates the best healing session for her clients. 


Every session is different. Arianne consult's with each client and uses her knowledge and intuition to select the right healing technique for the client's specific situation.  She utilizes her spiritual background to call upon the healing light and love within herself, the healing energy of this planet and the Divine conscious energy of our universe. Arianne understands that she is merely a conduit of the immensely powerful healing energy of our universe. She has unfathomable love and passion for the healing work that she does. As a priestess, she is here to help those who wish to heal and enlighten themselves with the tools our universe has provided for us.

My Mission

I'm here as a light worker to provide alternative healing methods for those who wish to relax, reduce stress, heal and expand their consciousness. My methods may be alternative but they complement modern medicine. Reiki or other energy healing modalities work with modern medicine, not against it.

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