Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki

Crystal healing has been utilized throughout history. Crystals were used during the time of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Rome, and  Native American Tribes to name a few. In modern society we use crystals in radios, TV,  most of our phones and computers; as well as, healing.

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    LAYING ON OF STONES : How it works

    Is a technique of using crystals and gemstones on the receiver's body. The purpose of a laying on of stones is to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being. I place specially selected stones or crystals on each of the 7 main chakra centers as well as the chakra centers above and below. It's my job to be comforting supportive and non-judgmental, giving my client safety to release these emotions and talk(if they want to). This is part of the healing process.

    If the stone feels uncomfortable during the session I will moved it or remove it. A stone that feels good when first placed on the body can change when its energy has been absorbed. I work closely with my clients in the manner to make sure they are comfortable. The process takes between 1-2 hours.