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​Welcome to
Shekinah Reiki
Celebrating 11 years in business ! 

Shekinah Reiki offers  professional and heartfelt holistic therapy. Providing an array of energetic healing services such as traditional reiki, reiki classes, cellular rejuvenation healing, ceremonial/spiritual healing, tarot readings, spiritual coaching and more. Available for individual appointments and corporate wellness programs. San Francisco's best kept secret!
  ~Treatment Highlight~
Cellular Regeneration Therapy
New healing therapy exclusively available at Shekinah Reiki. Cellular Regeneration Therapy is a healing modality that produces an energetic state within the cells to support proper cellular reproduction. Aging occurs when cells are unable to communicate and replicate properly. Cellular Regeneration Therapy (CRT) focuses on energetically regenerating three aspects of the cell; telomeres (protective covering of our DNA), mitochondria (produces energy for the cell through cellular respiration), and stem cells (cells that can produce any cells within the body). CRT creates an environment within the cells that increases energy levels, assists DNA in accessing its original blueprint and stimulates the growth of stem cells and thereby creating energetic "youthing" within the body. CRT is a unique healing energy that maintains a healthy mind, body, and emotions by energetically rejuvenating, balancing, and optimizing cellular function within the body.



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